What is Immigration?

Many people may not understand what Immigration is. Today, UNC Thailand will tell the meaning of this word.

Immigration is “relocation” or simply called to understand how to settle. Go to start a new life abroad Most of the reasons 

for people moving into foreign countries may come from many factors, such as job opportunities, looking for business channels, 

continuing education, having a foreign spouse. And financial factors etc.

Then if we want to evacuate How to relocate into a foreign country legally How can we do it?

One thing we must know first is that In each country there are different conditions for accepting immigrants. But in general If the country is already open to foreigners like Canada, Australia and the United States Thai people will be able to live legally. Just follow the conditions specified by the laws in that country.

Which this relocation of UNC Thailand has a full range of services From immigration counseling Until the client has obtained a Permanent Resident status legally We have specialists to provide advice and assistance to those who wish to relocate to Canada, the United States and Australia.


In addition, we also partner with local employers in each country that support legal work. That allows us to efficiently allocate jobs for customers without having to worry about any legal issues

UNC Thailand has a special program for those who want to relocate to Canada with the “Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program” (AIPP). The pilot migration promotion program is a collaboration between the federal government of Canada and the four government states.

– New Brunswick

– Nova Scotia

– Prince Edward Island

– Newfoundland and Labrador

The four states have given the opportunity for foreigners to work and can apply for a “Permanent Resident (PR)”.

By just 5 simple steps

1. Consult with the UNC Thailand team for free!

All customers can come to consult. Request advice with our team for free !! We can help everyone to go abroad legally. 

And according to your needs Including checking the eligibility of each program What you need to prepare yourself before 

proceeding with other matters, such as

– Pass the health examination criteria Not a serious contagious disease

– Have a minimum graduation certificate at the high school level

– English exam, CLB 4 or IELTS 4.5 exam results

– Check criminal history


– Financial status certificate

 2. Wait for a job offer from a legitimate employer (Job Offer)

When we submit our history and work experience, UNC will allocate jobs to suit the needs of our customers. And when we receive a letter of acceptance from the employer We can proceed to the next step.

3. Procedures for submission Collect important document

4. Wait for the status.

5. Travel abroad

What applicants will receive from the project

– Work Permit (Work Permit) of all applicants and followers

– Permanent Resident status of both applicants and followers Or legal status of temporary residents Advantages of Canada Permanent Resident status

– Every 5 years if a Canadian permanent resident Residing in Canada for at least 730 days will be able to maintain its status forever

– can travel in and out of the country

– can apply for status as a Canadian citizen easily

In addition to relocation We also have the ‘Work Permit’ program to send Thai people to work abroad legally. Work Permit is a program that allows employers / entrepreneurs in Canada to hire employees outside of Canada. Provided that it is not possible to hire Canadian citizens or foreigners with permanent residence status in the country But the length of time that the visa will be based on the length of time working with the employer

With the following conditions

 – Not limited to cities where customers want to go to work Where customers have the opportunity to choose employers in a variety of areas According to the city that customers are interested in

 – Highly appropriate to apply for permanent resident status

 – Customers can find jobs that meet their needs.

 – Spouse can follow

 – The rate of employment is in accordance with the labor laws of that country.

And there are many other programs from UNC Thailand ready to give advice to all customers



With the experience of relocating with more than 13 years, UNC Thailand can take everyone to a foreign country legally.We are immigration specialists. Job allocation And consulting services in studying abroad Based on many operational experiences, we started the first branch in Australia, Sydney and followed by other branches around the world such as Canada, South Korea, Vietnam and are expanding to the Philippines, Myanmar in the future.

UNC Thailand believes that everyone has the opportunity to start a new country abroad. Is an opportunity for yourself Don’t worry about starting a new one. We see this as an investment for the future and for a better quality of life.