The AIPP program is piloted by the Canadian government in the period of 2017 – 2021 to attract international unskilled labor because the Canadian population is getting older.

Estimated processing time : 12 to 18 months.


– Be free, live and work in any province of Canada.
– Free entry and exit to any country without visa of 172 countries.
– Free public school for children from grade 1 to grade 12.
– University and college tuition fees are equivalent to native people.
– Receive the general health care policy (Universal Health Care)
– Receive low-interest policies to borrow money for purchasing houses, buy cars or other assets.


– Receive Permanent Resident before working
– No need to check the Points Test system and do not need to join Express Entry
– English requirement is lower than other programs.


The available job with high level at present (Level B):

– Monitoring retail stores
– Hotel manager
– Hotel maintenance
– Chef
– Baker
– Cashier
– Vice-cook
– Receptionist
– Clean the room

Work in 4 Canadian Atlantic provinces (Canada Atlantic Region):

– Nova Scotia
– New Brunswick
– Newfoundland and Labrador
– Prince Edward Island

  • Until now about the AIPP Program, the Canadian Government has issued 1,202 green cards to family members.
  • When participating in the AIPP program, the whole family will receive PR permanent resident card to move to Canada to live and study.
  • Because the program is new, the requirements are still simple and not difficult.

*** Preference Website AIPP: Click Here

*** How good is the AIPP immigration program than the regular Express Entry for Canada?

AIPP is the fastest way to immigrate to Canada. Benefits are as follows:

Program – AIPP (Atlantic Immigrations Pilot Program)
Fastest way to move to Canada along with Visitor Visa & Work Permit

  • Fastest way to get PR (Permanent Resident)
  • Minimum two years of domain experience required
  • Confirm Job (Work Permit).

To apply for AIPP,
you cannot directly contact the province; you are required to have a job offer letter from the Atlantic employer in the occupation that is highly in demand.

Rest all programs involves huge list of documentations and lots of investment is also required. Sometimes, you need to wait for lucky draw or someone has to send Call of Invitation to you etc.

In short, all other programs other than AIPP, are too lengthy and too Costly.

*** After the applicant and the person who depends on applicant receive the entry Visa to Canada, can the applicant move first and the rest of family members later?

On every visa usually has the valid date to entry and the cut-off date, therefore applicant and the dependence must entry to Canada before cut-off date. In valid period of immigrant visa, applicant and the dependence must entry to Canada firstly (landing) to become Permanent residence (PR holder). Immigration law in Canada allow major applicant to be able to entry Canada first and the rest of family members can entry later but make sure in valid period of immigrant visa.

*** AIPP is the program helping family of applicant have the PR card, so where can I receive this PR card in Vietnam or Canada?

After permanent residence resume of customer is accepted successfully, all member in family of applicant receive PR Confirmation letter. Whole family will take a flight to Canada to activate PR status with this letter. You will submit the letter and provide your address in Canada at Immigration counter of the airport. The PR card will send to your provided address approximately 60 days.

*** What would I do if my permanent resident card is about to expire (PR card)?

When customer have the PR card about to expire, customers can search preference information in Canada government website: Click Here

When your Canadian PR expires, please kindly refer to Canada government link. Your PR card needs to be valid when you show it. If your card expires, you will have to apply for a new one. You are still a permanent resident if your card expires:

Fees PR card: $50

Processing time ?
– Renew or replace: 24 days
– New PR card: 43 days

*** When customers have the PR card, can they sponsor their parents? Or have to wait the citizenship? What requirements for sponsoring parents?

According to Canada policy updated to official website: Click Here

Requirements of applicant sponsoring

The applicant who sponsors the other person need to:

  • From 18 years old
  • Have the 5 year or 10 year Canada eligible Passport or expired passport no more than one year
  • Be permanent residence or Canada citizen
  • A person is living in Canada and will continue to live here during the promotion process of sponsorship procedure.

Have financial affordability to sponsor: nearly 12 month income meeting the minimum standard income by Immigration department announced to guarantee the sponsorship affordability

  • No criminal record such as: crime of violence, sex offenses
  • Never been late for payment about any immigration loan
  • Not being detained and not in bankrupt situation.

Requirements of the person who is sponsored: Requirements of the person who is sponsored: in detail, the person sponsored can belong to following cases: his/her Parents, Grandmothers, Grandfathers.

Therefore, if customer is a permanent resident and eligible to policy requirement of Canada Government above, customer can start sponsorship progress: The Canadian Immigration Sponsorship for relatives are of his / her grandparents and parents.