After staying away from family and 500 brothers and friends 

… away from the simple, casual meal in MOTHER COUNTRY:

braised snake head fish, sour soup, roasted shrimp, pickled fish, pickled radish, crazy fried cotton ball soup, steamed chicken with chicken, stewed with boiled vegetables , broken rice, soup cakes, fried noodles, beef noodle, vermicelli sauce, spring rolls, ram rolls, little cakes, bean vermicelli, rolls, boiled snails, braised duck hotpot, buffalo meat and kitchen jungle vegetable …
… away from the days of lulling with comrades, friends, relatives hanging outside till late of the night …
… to experience the taste of milk in ABROAD …
… is the time for FLIGHT PREPARATION … arriving at the NEW PLACE … for the future of the young generation …

Universal Network Connection Company (UNC) will update some information to Customers when customers perform entry procedure at airport in CANADA:

PREPARE FOR ARRIVAL – INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE CANADA: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/work-canada/iec/prepare-arrival.html

Documents need to be prepared before entering Canada:
The application shall include at least the following:
– Your passport
– Your Port of Entry (POE) Letter of Introduction
– Work Permit Approval Letter
– Proof of funds
– Proof of health insurance (3 months)
– Ticket for your departure from Canada or sufficient funds to purchase such a ticket
– Copies of the documents you provided in your work permit application, including:
LMIA Approval letter and Employment contract
– Other papers (if any)
You will receive a work permit if the border services officer is satisfied that you are admissible to Canada.
If the officer is not satisfied, you may be asked to return to your country on the next flight at your own expense.

1. How are you doing?
2. What is your name?
3. Where are you flying from?
4. What is the country of your citizenship?
5. Have you ever been to Canada previously?
6. What is the purpose of your trip to Canada?
7. How long do you intend to stay in Canada?
8. What is your employer name?
9. What is his/her citizenship?
10. Where will you stay?
11. What is your occupation?
12. Where will you work?
13. How about your working hours?