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About Us

UNC Co., Ltd. Is the leading enterprise in the field of migration and studying-abroad, as a partner of internal and external excellent firms

Settlement Canada

What is Canadian immigration AIPP (Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program)? Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has affirmed that Canada will always open the door to welcoming immigrants, especially highly qualified immigrants...

Settlement USA

EB-3 immigration is an immigration program for the whole family (unmarried spouses, children under 21 years of age) based on the guarantee of a US business (also called an employer). in America)...

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Mission & Objectives


UNC aims to provide more effective integrated service to clients wishing to migrate or study abroad.


UNC aims to supply up-to-date and exact information to client.


UNC aims to endeavor to provide a tailored service to each client and to meet all clients.


UNC aims to suggest the most suitable immigration/studying-abroad program to clients on the basis of expertise and wide consulting experience of each staff.


UNC aims to cope with changing immigration law quickly and to suggest to the optimal immigration program accordingly.

Create a network

UNC aims to build up a network with local employers of the various business fields for foreign employment and immigration through employment (of clients).